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Name: SolarCat
Contact: PM on Dragcave Forum
Scroll: SolarCat
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
About: I am me. :)
Event Information: My events are here.


This is also how I track which breeds I'm currently collecting and what dragons still need mates.
My Wishlist

Breeding Requests

Now that teleport is available, I will take breeding requests. Please click the link below for more information.
Breeding Lists

Breeding Projects

List of all breeding projects, complete, current, and not yet started.
Breeding Projects Table of Contents
Current breeding projects are not open for breeding requests, unless you are assisting me with my project, or they are listed under Open Breeding Requests in the link above.
Current Breeding Projects
Here are my completed breeding projects, for my files. If you desire an offspring, please check the link under "Breeding Requests."
Completed Breeding Projects

SolarCat's Dragon Collections

Dragon Type Dragon Images Status
Albino Dragons 1.gif
Balloon Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Black Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif
Alt Black Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif
Black-Capped Teimarr 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Black Tea Dragons 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Blacktip Dragons 1.gif Collecting
Blunas (Two-Finned) 1.gif Collecting
Bleeding Moon Dragons 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Blusang Lindwurms 1.gif1.gif
Bright Breasted Wyverns 1.gif1.gif
Bright Pink Dragons
Brimstone Dragons 1.gif
Canopy Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Cavern Lurker Dragons (Halloween '12) 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Cheese Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Chickens 1.gif1.gif
Christmas '07 (Holly) Dragons 1.gif
Christmas '08 (Yulebuck) Dragons 1.gif
Christmas '09 (Snow Angel) Dragons 1.gif
Christmas '10 (Ribbon Dancer) Dragons 1.gif
Christmas '11 (Winter Magi) Dragons 1.gif
Christmas '12 (Wrapping-Wing) Dragons 1.gif
Coastal Waverunners 1.gif1.gif
Copper Dragons (Brown) 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Copper Dragons (Green) 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Copper Dragons (Red) 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Crimson Flare Pygmies 1.gif
Dark Marrow Dragons (Halloween '10 ) 1.gif1.gif1.gif Collecting
Dark Myst Pygmies 1.gif1.gif
Daydream Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Day Glory Dragons 1.gif Collecting
Deep Sea Dragons 1.gif
Dinos (Red) 1.gif1.gif
Dinos (Yellow) 1.gif1.gif
Dinos (Green) 1.gif1.gif
Dinos (Blue) 1.gif1.gif
Dinos (Purple) 1.gif1.gif
Dorsal Dragons (Purple) 1.gif1.gif
Dorsal Dragons (Red) 1.gif
Duotone Dragons 1.gif Collecting
Electric Dragon 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Ember Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Flamingo Wyverns 1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif
Frill Dragons
Geode Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Gilded Bloodscale Dragons 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Gold Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif
Golden Wyverns 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Gold-Horned Tangars 1.gif
Grave Dragons (Halloween '13) 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Gray Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Green Earth Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Guardian Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Guardian of Nature Dragons 1.gif
Hellfire Wyverns 1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif
Hellhorse Dragon 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Harvest Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Horse Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Ice Dragons 1.gif Collecting
Imperial Fleshcrownes 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Leetle Tree 1.gif
Lumina Dragon 1.gif1.gif
Magi Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Magma Dragons 1.gif
Mint Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Misfit Pygmies 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Moonstone Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif
Nebula Dragons (Original) 1.gif1.gif
Nebula Dragons (New) 1.gif1.gif
Neglected Dragons 1.gif Collecting
Neotropical Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Nhiostrife Wyverns 1.gif Collecting
Night Glory Dragons 1.gif Collecting
Nilia Pygmies 1.gif1.gif
Nocturne Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Ochredrake Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Olive Dragons 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Paper Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Pillow Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif
Pink Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Pumpkin Dragons (Halloween '09) 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Purple Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Pygmy Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif
Red Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Red-Finned Tidal Dragon 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Ridgewing Dragons (Regular) 1.gif1.gif
Ridgewing Dragons (Tan) 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Royal Blue Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Royal Crimson Dragons 1.gif Collecting
Seasonal Spring Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Seasonal Summer Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Seasonal Autumn Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Seasonal Winter Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Seawyrm Pygmies 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Seragamma Wyverns 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Shadow Walker Dragons (Halloween '11) 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Shallow Water Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif Collecting
Shimmer-Scale Dragons (Bronze) 1.gif Collecting
Shimmer-Scale Dragons (Silver) 1.gif Collecting
Shimmer-Scale Dragons (Gold) 1.gif Collecting
Silver Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif
Skywing Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Soulpeace Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Speckle-Throated Dragons 1.gif 1.gif
Spitfire Dragons 1.gif
Spotted Greenwing Dragons 1.gif
Stone Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Striped Dragons (Black) 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Striped Dragons (Blue) 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Striped Dragons (Green) 1.gif Collecting
Striped Dragons (Red) 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Striped Dragons (White) 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Sunsong Amphipteres 1.gif1.gif
Sunstone Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Sunrise Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Sunset Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Swallowtail Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Terrae Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Thunder Dragons 1.gif Collecting
Tinsel Dragons (Bronze) 1.gif1.gif
Tinsel Dragons (Silver) 1.gif1.gif
Tinsel Dragons (Gold) 1.gif Collecting
Tri-Horn Wyverns 1.gif1.gif
Tsunami Wyvern 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Turpentine Dragons 1.gif
Two Headed Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif
Two-Headed Lindwurms (Green) 1.gif Collecting
Two-Headed Lindwurms (Purple) 1.gif Collecting
Ultraviolet Dragon 1.gif1.gif
Valentine '09 Dragons 1.gif
Valentine '10 (Sweetling) Dragons 1.gif
Valentine '11 (Rose) Dragons 1.gif
Valentine '12 (Heartseeker) Dragons 1.gif
Valentine '13 (Arsani) Dragons 1.gif
Vampire Dragons (Halloween '08) 1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif1.gif
Vine Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Alt Vine Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Water Dragons 1.gif1.gif1.gif
Waterhorse Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Water-Walker Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Whiptail Dragons 1.gif1.gif
White Dragons 1.gif1.gif
Yellow-Crowned Dragon 1.gif1.gif Collecting
Zombie Dragons 1.gif1.gif Collecting