Crimson Flare Pygmy Dragons
Crimson Flare Pygmies (male) Crimson Flare Pygmies (female)
1.gif Ashen Dragon 1.gif Ashen Firedance
1.gif Lord Hubert 1.gif Lady Valiant
1.gif Lord Timone 1.gif Lady Blazes
1.gif Valiant Memphis 1.gif Little Bop
1.gif Fun with Biomes 1.gif Blazing Lady
1.gif Crimson Wends 1.gif Crimson Kalliasa
1.gif Crimson Whisper 1.gif Read-Headed Bookworm
1.gif Crimson Uther 1.gif Lady Yarly
1.gif Crimson Pete 1.gif Justified Justina
1.gif Sir Spunk 1.gif Lady of Glory
1.gif Red Sharpie Marker 1.gif Woman of the Storm
1.gif Crimson Toast 1.gif Unnamed (FTPAS)
1.gif Crimson Son 1.gif Are Strong
1.gif You Really 1.gif Can Endure
1.gif With Every Goodbye 1.gif You Learn
1.gif That You Really 1.gif Veronica Shoftshall
1.gif 1971 1.gif Not the Grief
1.gif To Bring You Flowers 1.gif And You Learn
1.gif Of a Woman 1.gif On Today
1.gif All Your Roads 1.gif For Someone
1.gif Instead of Waiting 1.gif With the Grace
1.gif You Learn That 1.gif Mean Security
1.gif If You Get 1.gif Begin to Learn
1.gif You Really Do 1.gif Even Sunshine Burns
1.gif And Your Eyes Ahead 1.gif Too Much
1.gif And You Begin 1.gif To Accept
1.gif Doesn't Always 1.gif Have Worth
1.gif And Chaining 1.gif Your Own Garden
1.gif So You Plant 1.gif After a While
1.gif In Mid Flight 1.gif And You Learn
1.gif And You Learn 1.gif Of Falling Down
1.gif Have a Way 1.gif Is Too Uncertain
1.gif Doesn't Mean Leaning 1.gif Aren't Promises
1.gif Because Tomorrow's Ground 1.gif And Futures
1.gif For Plans 1.gif Your Own Soul
1.gif And Presents 1.gif And You Learn to Build
1.gif And Decorate 1.gif Aren't Contracts
1.gif Of a Child 1.gif With Your Head Up
1.gif That Kisses 1.gif That Love
1.gif And You 1.gif A Soul
1.gif Your Defeats 1.gif And Company
1.gif And You Learn 1.gif Learn the Subtle Difference
1.gif Between Holding 1.gif A Hand
1.gif After a While You 1.gif My Mantra
1.gif NAME 1.gif Crimson Wishing
1.gif NAME 1.gif Pumpkin Pygmies
1.gif NAME 1.gif Halloween Sweetheart

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