Breeding Requests

Now that Teleport is implemented, I will be happy to breed for any breeding request (excluding holiday eggs). Let me know the parents and I will do my best to provide you with an egg. Priority is given to those requesting for a breeding project. I reserve the right to keep or abandon the offspring if you do not respond within a reasonable time frame to retrieve your egg.
You may request an egg from any open breeding lists, or request a custom pairing between two specific dragons on my scroll. (There are a few that have set mates, I'll point them out if you ask for one.)
I do not take breeding requests for: metallics (currently too difficult to breed; requests for commons from metallics are fine), or offspring from my open breeding projects (unless you are assisting me). I am also picky about taking requests for holiday dragons (common offspring from holiday dragons are always welcome).
I will attempt non-metallic rares if I recognize you as active and helpful on the DC forum, and you don't mind being patient. Requests for commons with Frill parents are always welcome, I have plenty to breed. :)
When you put in a request, I will keep notes and keep breeding until the request is successful, unless you inform me otherwise. Please let me know if you no longer wish an egg. If I have already bred it, I would like the opportunity to find someone who will use it. If I have not already bred the dragons, I would like the opportunity to use them for something or someone else.
If you've managed to read through this wall of text, and know what you want, and it's not on the Closed Breeding Lists or my lists of things I won't breed, go ahead and shoot me a PM.

Set Pairs Breeding Lists

These breeding lists are set pairs that I have determined look nice together. Please check to see if your requested pair is open for breeding prior to requesting.

Custom Breeding Requests

Tinsel Tracking

Shimmerscale Tracking

IOU Trades

Holiday Breeding Requests

Completed Breeding Requests

2nd Gen Prize-Fails

ulki - Bronze, Yes (#12 for 2nd Gen)
isomanic - Silver, Yes
Qualeo - Silver, Yes (2nd)

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